A few Lightroom Questions - is it possible; if so how?

Inscription : lun. mai 13, 2024 12:29

A few Lightroom Questions - is it possible; if so how?

Message par jerrymunn » lun. mai 13, 2024 12:31

Hismash karts, so We're new to lightroom (myself and my photography partner), but have been using it now for a few months. Our questions can be summed up as:

SSD/Hard Drive Management

Multiple Systems Syncing Methods

Dynamic Watermarks

So obviously there are two of us we often edit each others stuff and even on each others computers. I'm setting-up Resilio Sync to keep our files and folders synced (we use it for other things so not too much of an issue to add this too). We've got our two desktops, two laptops, and both other phones. We shoot on 2 sometimes 3 Cameras (Nikon D750, D600 and D5200), we have two Catalogs one for our Professional/Paid photos and another for our Personal/Socialmedia photos. We seldom will want to edit photos on multiple systems the same time (and are fine with that being a limitation of using multiple systems), but we would like metadata or edits I make to be available on one of the other systems.

SSD - HDD Management
So in both computers I've got multiple drives, SSD's and HDD's. I was wondering if there is a way to have Lightroom import the photos to the SSD but then after a period of time (or even size or something) move them to the Hard Drive for long term storage when they are no longer actively being used.

System Syncing
So I have a few questions, I've obviously got the software in mind to sync my files between the PC, but my question is really around what do I need to sync, what can I sync? My understanding is the edits and metadata et al are all stored in the Catalog File? So if I have the same file structure and sync the catalog synced will it work on both PC's? What will happen if I have some older files for example not synced to the laptops?

Dynamic Watermarks
So my other question is about dynamic watermarks, so I'd like to when I export images put a watermark on the image depending on the metadata (or even just including the metadata). Mostly I just want the 'artist name' (who took the photo), perhaps being able to have other things like a logo change depending on who it is or whatever.

These things really feel like things that should be much easier to do in Lightroom, better publicised or easier to find in Lightroom.

Thanks in advance for your time.